Project Management with RStudio and Github

This post is inspired by Professor Mallory’s presentation on Reproducible Research Practices for Economists. See the presentation version that I gave at a lab meeting. Summary Introduced project management practices for file management and version controls. Principles for organized project management: keep raw data intact, use version controls, use progress management and save files in the relative path. Introductions to R, RStudio, R markdown, Github Steps to manage a project with RStudio and Github (added in Stata version)

Planning a lot

The number one reason for procrastinating is perhaps the task at hand is too hard to accomplish, and the mind would prefer more manageable tasks. Instead of writing up your result from the last set of regressions or editing the paper draft for one more time, your brain is easily satisfied at checking emails or grading homework. The small and manageable tasks make you look busy and bring you the sense of achievement when you cross them off your to-do list.